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Did I Get Your Attention???

Cutting through the morass of brand messaging is an age-old problem.  One brand, Chase, has seized an opportunity to find new ways to activate their brand and their airline loyalty program – the handrails on escalators at airports

I like to think of these types of activations as ‘interrupters’ – ad firms, brands, service providers, and property owners (in this case, an airport) finding new ways to catch our attention (and monetize their assets).  This reminds me of when ads began appearing on the little separator bars on supermarket conveyor belts at the cash wraps – or Cheesecake Factory’s menus that are full of advertising.

It appears this new activation opportunity is the business model of a firm called AdrailUSA

What do you think?

  • Is this too much or it is a perfect blend of relevant (airline loyalty program activation at the airport) and timely execution?
  • Are we moving towards a world of omni-advertising that consumes every surface and experience a consumer has in obtrusive ways?
  • Or, is this an example of stated preferences (“I think there are too many ads”) being out of alignment with observed behavior (this type of activation driving conversion and actions)?