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Kid’s Consumer Experience

When you do consumer segmentation in the convenience store/gas industry, you find that most people hate buying gas and think that gas is a commodity with no real difference between brands.

The 76 brand is working to add sugar to the medicine of buying gas – making the experience a little better…

For the Road Warrior and other adult consumers, there is a simple graphic description of the technology difference. For adults, there is pump yoga! And, best of all, there is the ‘Children’s Guide to Splattered Bugs’… making mom’s job (and experience) a little better!




360 Brand Positioning?

Converse aligned brand strategy and positioning (Uniquely Authentic, American, Classic) in their vertical flagship in SoHo New York.

Great execution to align and reinforce the brand. Chucks are ubiquitous in culture. This was part of 360 campaign… in store, social, trade, print, etc.

What other brands do a great job of celebrating 360 brand positioning alignment in visual merchandising at retail and other vehicles?