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Consumer Experience In the Details

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that knocked your socks off and left you thinking “this hotel thinks of everything!”  The best-in-class players in the hospitality industry are full of ‘tricks’ that allow them to surprise and delight consumers in their 360 experience.

One notable story tells of the valet/bellhop at a famous five-star hotel who asks every guest as they arrive, “have you stayed us before, or is this our first time to welcome you?” If the guest says that she has stayed at the hotel before, then as the valet walks the guest into the lobby, he signals to the registration desk – by touching his ear.  This allows the front desk to surprise the guest when they say “welcome back, Mrs. Jones, we’ve missed you”  The guest is amazed and is left to wonder how the front desk could have possibly known they are a ‘returning guest’  without looking at the computer.  Alas, loyalty and consumer experience are all in the small details and the tricks the consumer-facing team can devise to take the experience from good to great!

Joshua Gans just wrote a terrific essay in the Harvard Business Review on how Walt Disney created a ‘culture’ of focusing on the hidden details to drive the consumer experience at his theme parks… and how Disney beat Apple to the punch.  An entertaining read that is spot-on about focusing on the details of brand experience – check it out and share it!